So it’s been quite some time since I wrote on this… Managing soo many bloody aspects of myself can be super overwhelming, even when you think you’ve got all the bases loaded, something else catches up.

So I wanted to talk about how I’ve noticed my energy shift in the last 9 months. About 12 months ago I reached a point where I recognised I hadn’t really been happy most of my life, and even when I thought I was, it was always a result of external forces. I noticed how there were lots of people addicted to portraying a happy life and I believed that I believed if I simply pursued what I perceived to be the things bringing them happiness that I would achieve it. I was clearly wrong.

Then I met a man named Frankie. He introduced me to a whole heap of really inspiring social media influencers, podcasts and books that really changed my life. Between these people, they started to feed me knowledge that grew on itself. I started to learn what happiness was.

The best way I could describe it is as a limb we didn’t know we had.

We ARE happiness, we simply choose to access it but we don’t know how.

Happiness is love. We are love. Totally detached from the past, the future & expectation. It is us in a total state of surrender. It is the recognition that we are the divine product of atoms vibrating at a particular range of frequencies. Happiness/Love is our intention before the ego. It is the tree, the bird & the lumberjack.

Happiness is a practiced habit everyday, I learnt by listening to people who found it. Don’t get me wrong, I still feel sad a lot, but I no longer live in hell.

love you xo

Wtf is Frame?


Frame is a way of articulating my feelings, thoughts and emotions in a way that allows for the possibility of bringing a more loving and accepting way of being into existence.  

It's also a way of conceptualising my stories and growth in a way that captures soooo many emotions.

All of this is in the hope that my perception on life and my experience of the circumstances I've faced, and the growth that has come along with it, could influence the lives heaps for people to better understand their emotions and realise the importance of exuding love in order to attract it and be part of a more harmonious society.

 I'm constantly realising more and more so, the importance of love, and with love for others, comes love for ones self and once you learn to love yourself, that's when love will be attracted back to you.  

I hope you appreciate and enjoy this and hopefully, I can help ❤️